From the founders of the brand Fuerteventura in the 80’s, has defined the concept of fitness garments introducing all those that have become the standards of sportswear, have put their knowledge and experience in Back2You project.

A brand made of great garments as stated in the acronym chosen as a name.
Back2You stands for Back to you, a philosophy dedicated to a consumer who considers important well-being and selfcare as style of life accompanied by a conscientious and careful management of resources and environment.

Alessandra De Leonardis, the former designer of Fuerteventura, is the creative talent behind Back2You extraordinary wear.
Constructed using innovative fabric technology, Back2You collection is both functional and luxurious, proves you can take care of your beauty without losing your cool.

A new journey begins with this line of garments made for dressing healthy and for lasting all life long.