“I have never been a fashion victim, I grew up in it.”



My name is Alessandra De Leonardis.

I have never been a fashion victim, I grew up in it, and therefore I always used my energy to transform what was there into something new. The childhood spent between cuts of precious fabrics, sketches, fairytale wardrobes that came to life under the expert hands of the seamstresses in the Atelier of my aunt, a beautiful and brilliant woman, who in the 60s boasted an exclusive clientele and collaborated with the Sisters Fontana, made me grow with a creative eagerness aimed at the continuous search for the perfect dress. In 1980 my first job: a home-shop where everything was for sale, with the help of the splendid artisans I met during my travels as a student on-the-road, I had clothes, small furniture and accessories made to my design; all unique and innovative pieces since the style of my design stripped them of the folk value, enhancing the intrinsic value of manual skills and raw materials. The result was products with precious embroidery on recycled material, adaptations of tribal fabrics on fashionable models, new applications on furniture and accessories. Gorgeous!
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The encounter and the new project

My hausband comes from a family that has been a leader in the duvet production for years. His mother’s company even dressed Pope Carol Wojtyla when in July 1984 he celebrated the famous mass on the glacier and was a regular sponsor of the crazy champions of the flying kilometre. When we met, he was about to start a new project related to the world of the sports which, at the time, were leaving the competitive sector to become a widespread lifestyle. The idea was to get rid sportswear from the greyness of old gyms, eliminate deformed t-shirts and shapeless shorts and create a pure fashion line dedicated to sports life. Confident in my sartorial origins, I worked following the lines of the body and created sinuous and ergonomic pieces, highly comfortable and breathable thanks to the latest innovations that gradually appeared in the world of “technical” fabrics: the first Lycra yarns and the new microfibres. The years of economic growth passed, the need to touch and creak new fabrics between the fingers grew and I was looking for a strong idea for an innovative clothing line. At that moment I discovered, at an International Fair, a new technology applied to yarns. Back2You was born and I with her..

Taking care of us in a simple way, without taking anything away from our time, our daily activities. We wear a Back2You garment to keep external stress away, to rejuvenate, to maintain a constant feeling of well-being and to perceive our body shaped and in contact with our sensations.

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