“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”



Back2A-gain a heart beating to the rhythm of our planet's breath.

Back2You’took on the commitment to create clothes comfortable for the daily well-being and long-lasting.
Back2You went further by creating the Back2A-gain Collection, the line that fully shares the topics of sustainability.
Back2A-gain is the natural result of the founding principles of the Back2You brand.
A coherent and necessary initiative towards a more responsible clothing industry and the protection of the natural resources of the planet.

In Back2A-gain we chose to make all the garments avoiding the waste of resources and to transform the residues of production in raw material.

Back2UP-cycle uses end bits advanced from the cutting of the garments of our high-end lines.
These are rolls of fabrics that would normally remain in the warehouses unused because they are in excess of the cut plan.

Back2RE-born scrupulously recovers the garments that have a minor manufactoring defect, an hardly noticeable defect but which would condemn those garments to be labeled as "second choice".