Back2You was born with a total vision on the passion for well-being, which has gradually developed into many fields (and we have not yet made you discover everything!). But it started with the feet on the ground, or even more with the legs on the ground: the leggings were the first thought to create this new way of clothing that should not only be beautiful (and make you beautiful), but that should recover and transmit the energy of the body (if you want to deepen it, take a look at the page of “benefits” or that of “technology”) and offers – where needed – a slimming, anti-cellulite, anti-age action.

The beneficial power, but also the exceptional experience in the creation of comfortable garments to wear, which do not mark even if adherent (to have the maximum of the “performances” the Innershape fabric exclusive of Back2You must adhere well to the body) and be a second skin, it also moved to tops and underwear: every product was born to solve inconveniences (eliminate irritation, protect, fight imperfections), to ensure pleasantness and a “zero effort” treatment.

Ones you try Back2You garments you will never want to take them off, and not by chance they are used from morning to night, at night: even during sleep the beneficial action is constant. Choose your clothes, discover them in a complete, marvelous range, including new high-inspired collections of Alessandra De Leonardis’s hand and volcanic mind, and the “evergreens” of products that have been the safe and reference choice for years for all Back2You customers.