Healthy effects: magic? No, Back2You!

1) Far Infrared Therapy
2) Chemicals free
3) Permanent effect
4) Thermal insulation
5) High elasticity
6) Innershape® Textile technology
7) UV-A UV-B rays protection
8) Hypoallergenic
9) Nichel, Silver and Thiuram Free
10) Thermoregulator
11) Treaceable chain

12) Sustainable production
13) Clinically tested
14) Soft texture
15) Antibacterical
16) Stimulates microcirculation
17) Breathable
18) Anti-stress effect
19) Self-care
20) Innovative fabrics
21) Reducing effect
22) Boost your metabolism

BACK2YOU Mini manchette anti-age 882


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BACK2YOU Extraordinary Mask - antiage


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Back2YOU anticellulite

Anti Cellulite

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