BACK2YOU Extraordinary Mask - antiage


BACK2YOU products help to stimulate collagen production and protect against UV-A and UV-B ultraviolet rays. The bioceramic tissue leads to noticeable improvements also on muscle tone and hydration of the dermis, representing like this a complementary natural therapy in the treatment of skin imperfections.

BACK2YOU is a daily rejuvenating and firming treatment: a caress sensation on the skin that brings wellness and erases age!

Alessandra De Leonardis, founder and designer BACK2YOU

Prevent and fight the signs of aging

With BACK2YOU you can:

  • prevent blemishes and ravages of time
  • protect your body from the aging process caused by internal or external factors (i.e. hormone imbalance, stress, poor diet, UV-A, UV-B, IR, pollution)
  • fight imperfections benefiting from the restoring and energetic effects of the B2Y Collection
Before and after the use of mesh and bra BACK2YOU: the décolleté of our customers Giulia and Giovanna are visibly improved in the tone of the tissues and in the compaction of the dermis, which is also free of blemishes.
Wearing the BACK2YOU Tube around the neck, the signs of aging are visibly reduced after 6 months of frequent use.
Wearing the BACK2YOU Eye Mask during the night or the BACK2YOU Extraordinary Mask at any time of the day helps to reduce or prevent the formation of wrinkles around the eyes and on the face.
The BACK2YOU Mini Manchette, the “gloves”, are the successful product of our collection that rejuvenates the epidermis of the hands, reducing spots and wrinkles.