Back2YOU anticellulite

Anti Cellulite

The mechanism of action that involves the reduction of cellulite is microcirculation and the increase in oxygenation. In tests conducted with Back2You garments, the cellulite reduction was around 85%.

There has been a reduction of the so-called “orange peel skin”, but also of the circumference measurements of both the pelvis and the thighs.

How does Bioceramics work and what is the mechanism of action in cellulite? By encouraging microcirculation, with the application of Bioceramic, the resolution of adipocyte agglomerates is also increased through heat.

How and when to wear BACK2YOU for having the best results

BACK2YOU leggings made with INNERSHAPE® fabric are the most effective garments for impacting the leg. The results are fast, visible, harmonious. Simply wearing the garment constantly, every day for at least 6 hours and for at least 30 consecutive days, an intense and gradual treatment is activated on the skin and tissues with visible results in a few weeks and that improve over time.

At all ages the constant use over the long term (over 6 months) favors a general revitalization of the vital processes with consequent improvement in the well-being and health of the body and the person.

On the left the “first” and on the right the “after”: our client Giulia has noticed a visible improvement in water retention and cellulite imperfections in the critical points of the thighs and buttocks. Wearing BACK2YOU garments with regularity and consistency, the results are visible.