BACK2YOU Mini manchette anti-age 882


BACK2YOU is easy to use: just wear it!

By choosing the right models of the Back2You collection you can prevent imperfections and signs of aging, protect your body from the aging process caused by external and internal factors (sun, weather, smog, bad nutrition, smoke, hormones, stress) and fight imperfections by exploiting the reactivating and regenerating effects of the Back2You collection.

Choose the program that suits you and wear the BACK2YOU garments for the indicated time:

Follow a program of constant use of the product for at least 60 days, wearing the garment for the amount of hours suggested in the previous diagram.
Give yourself a break of a couple of weeks and then start a second 60-day cycle.
You can also wear BACK2YOU every day, all day, as bioceramic textile technology is natural and has no contraindications: choose to feel good, feeling comfortable in everyday dress.