Once in contact with the skin, Back2You products become the keepers of our energy and protect us like a loving embrace.
The fabrics are the result of careful research that guarantees their softness and quality.
They do not deform, do not pilling, do not lose elasticity and do not tear, but they do need some attention as the INNERSHAPE textile technology uses very fine yarns to reach these standards.
All the parts that compose them: fabrics, elastic, sewing thread, are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and free of nickel, thiuram and everything else that can cause common allergic reactions.
They are created to last over time, promoting your well-being while accompanying your days with their bio-active action.
They do not lose effectiveness either with use or with washing and to keep them at their best you just need to follow a few simple tips since they basically need the same care that is dedicated to the things we love: delicacy and attention.


One of the principles of Back2You is to simplify our life, this also applies to the maintenance of garments that need a few simple actions.
To begin with, they must not be taken to the dry cleaners or dry cleaned but simply hand washed in warm water, or in the washing machine with a program for delicate garments, remembering to use a bag to protect them.
They should not be left to soak, of course dark garments must be washed separately and if you notice a slight loss of color do not worry because it is a good sign since the dyeing processes are organic in nature, after the physiological discharge the color will not lose its shine.
Our advice is to preserve the chain of actions that led to an allergen-free product by choosing to use eco-friendly detergents and natural softeners.
The garments should not be put in the dryer and, please, do not iron them, they do not need them and you can use your time doing something better!
And finally, here you will find a series of useful tips to make your Back2You last forever like True Love.


If you have decided to follow the simple washing tips, here are some precautions to best preserve your Back2You: avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, it is not necessary, the bio-active action is triggered by simple contact; do not wear rings, bracelets and other objects with protruding or pointed parts; avoids rubbing with studs, hooks or seams on shoes, bags or belts; and, please, absolutely avoid wearing them with other items that have Velcro parts; be careful not to wear them under other garments that may produce fluff or pilling; it goes without saying that you must avoid contact with any type of embers.
An important thing above all for the health of our skin is to pay attention to the excipients contained in the products that are applied to the skin; petrolatum, parabens, some types of oils and an abnormal PH can damage the elastane thread which is what maintains the elasticity of the tissues.
While wearing them, we recommend that you be careful of jewelry and anything that can damage the fabric.
Of course, the warehouse does not accept claims for any damage due to these causes.

Washing machine or by hand?

Wash your Back2You garments carefully. Wash them by hand or in the washing machine, with warm water and gentle detergent. Avoid fabric softener. Do not soak. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.

Can I wash them together with other items?

Yes, with similar colors. During first washes the fabric may slightly discolour: this does not damage the effectiveness and beauty of the fabric. Our dyes are organic and natural that means skin friendly and environment friendly.

How can I protect my clothes in the washing machine?

Use a wash bag to protect them from contact with hooks, zippers or straps that could damage the fabric.

What detergent to use?

Out of respect for your skin, environment and clothing, do not use aggressive detergents. Choose a neutral soap for delicate clothes. Do not use fabric softener.

How to dry?

Your Back2You garments dry quickly. Avoid tumble drying and lay them flat to prevent wrinkles.


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