Back2You is based in Italy, in Veneto, that Veneto where craftsmanship, creativity and entrepreneurship have given birth to many successful companies and brands all over the world. Offices, production, warehouse: everything in this beautiful and laborious area. Space is getting narrower because the company grows, but luckily we all work so well and in harmony that the same is fine

In reality, however, the world of Back2You is much larger … like the immense web that is the true “home” of ours that is a start-up born to create an online activity to be closer to customers and friends. For this reason, “digital contacts” are even more important for us: this site allows direct purchase in the shop area of all our products, a magazine that comes to you in the form of newsletters every week, our social networks that are much more than a “page” … but a space for meetings and sharing.

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