A strong and clear philosophy: Back2You was born to respond to a need that, latent at first, has become more evident in time: the need of aiming to health and well-being in every life situation, even clothing. When this well-being becomes the kingpin of a person’s life, it becomes very clear that the cure of both body and spirit is not a choice, but an urgent need. We can run, but we must do it in the right direction.

It is not about fashion, and there are no real options. To stop eating bad, to stop polluting and wasting valuable resources: in the end, the recipe to live well is simple and difficult at the same time. Perfection is minimalist, that’s why we need to get rid of the unnecessary and keep the essential, but who does help us to see the difference? Who does educate us?

Back2You clothes protect and also model the body, they defend it from changes in temperature and other external agents, creating a well-being microclimate thanks to the energetic textile infused with bioceramic which is not a magic, but a natural ingredient: it receives the energy that we disperse while moving and it gives that energy back, reducing fatigue, toning up the skin and, quite simply, making us feel good.   

Our mission is to create wellness and comfort in a simple way: wearing Back2You. Go to work, run to catch the bus, climb stairs, hug your children, cook for your friends… live your life at your best, we will take care of you, through an invisible technology.

We live in a beautiful world and we really believe it. It sure is though, but it permits us to be always closer to a healthy lifestyle, we just need to want it. Knowledge is important, and our goal is to be by your side during this extraordinary trip towards your true self. Back2You is more than a brand, it is more than a clothing line, it is a new approach to life.