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All of our leggings, except one (the Comfy Pants model 030), have the same density of bioactive principles, so your choice can be based just on the style you prefer. 

  • The Essential Leggings (model 001) are a perfect daily treatment for your legs. They are simple and comfortable, the ideal leggings to start with.
  • The Athletic Leggings (model 018) are perfect for fitness and sports activities. Their main features are as follows: flat seams, anti-inflammatory copper inserts, slimming and supporting effect. They also have overlapping layers of INNERSHAPE® fabric on the hips and on the stomach, by which they guarantee an intensive action on this specific area.
  • The Comfy Pants (model 030) are the only item in a lighter fabric. Elastic bands free. High-waisted and extra long. Very soft and comfortable. Designed to be worn during the night or while relaxing at home.
  • Please notice: every item has its own size range. Always check the size chart.