When you wear Back2You...
Back2You takes care of you.

It takes care of your skin

Wake up early, stretch fully, and take your time for an invigorating shower. Make sure your skin is completely dry and wear Back2You garments to hydrate and regenerate your skin throughout the day. Back2You fabric is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and nickel-free. It protects you from UV rays and the damages they can cause. If you use cosmetic products choose them carefully. They must be respectful of your skin and of the environment.

Back2You takes care of your body

Smile and caress your skin by Back2You garments! Back2You fabrics are bioactive: thanks to the bioceramics the body heat is transformed into FIR rays that penetrate deeply, stimulating microcirculation and cell regeneration. When wearing or storing them, beware of hooks, zippers or straps that could damage the fabric.

It takes care of you at all times

Breathe deeply… breathe again. The bioceramic fiber gives you freshness for a long time during sports and sun exposure. It considerably reduces the dispersion of body heat by keeping the temperature constant. Use your Back2You garments without fear. Their effectiveness remains constant over time, even after numerous washes, thanks to the particular structure of the fabrics.
Follow your wellbeing and good-being ritual. Eat well, have a happy thought and fall in love… always!