What about the Back2You leggings?

Our leggings, if worn constantly, help muscle tone, increase tissue oxygenation and improve microcirculation. This is possible thanks to the bioceramic fabrics.

What is bioceramic fabric?

It is a fabric designed to give well-being to the wearer.
It absorbs the heat and returns it to the body in the form of F.I.R. rays. The F.I.R. rays penetrate the epidermis stimulating microcirculation and cellular metabolism.

How does it work

Our products are the result of high design technology and rigorous laboratory tests.
The aim is to help the general well-being of the wearer and to obtain the maximum result with the minimum effort.
The technology exploits the extraordinary effects of the F.I.R. rays. The heat naturally produced by our body is converted by the bioceramic fabric into F.I.R. rays which activate a series of benefits within the body.
The constant use of the garments made of bioceramic fabrics increases oxygenation and detoxification of the tissues. As a result the skin is more elastic, smooth, rejuvenated, toned and free from orange peel look. The results are visible to the naked eye.

The benefits*

The constant use of bioceramic garment facilitate slimming and body shaping, the repair of tissue damage and the reduction of leg edema.
The fabric is breathable and comfortable. It adheres without constriction, like a second skin.
The garment maintains its original effectiveness over time, even after many washings.
The combined action of the special shaping fabric and infrared F.I.R. technology creates a smart garment able to stimulate microcirculation, to reduce the edema in the subcutaneous tissues and to redefine your legs.
When wearing this garments you will feel all its softness and a pleasant sensation of lightness in your legs. You will feel the benefits quite soon, just after a few days of constant use.
At the end of the day legs are lighter, the skin is more hydrated, the fatigue decreases, imperfections are attenuated and a sculpting effect is obtained thanks to the drainage of excess fluids.
You can wear our garments for a minimum of eight hours a day up to the whole day, even when sleeping.
* After wearing the garments for at least 60 consecutive days and for a minimum of 8 hours a day.


Unlike other fabrics impregnated with stimulating excipients (Aloe Vera, Vitamins, Caffeine), which only have an ephemeral and time-limited action, repeated washings do not diminish the effectiveness of the technology present in our fabric.
The effectiveness of the garment remains constant over time.

How to wash them

Simply hand wash cold (max 30 °). Use a gentle detergent. Washing does not alter the effectiveness of the product. Do not tumble dry because the heat could damage the fabric.

Do Back2You products have contraindications?

The technology present in our garments is completely natural. All manufacturing processes, including dyeing, are certified as hypoallergenic.
Our products have no contraindications.

When is the best time to use them?

At all times of the day and in all seasons because they are breathable, draining, slimming and moisturizing.

What is the cooling treatment?

It is a characteristic of the fabric that retains body heat and transforms it into a sensation of freshness and comfort.

May people with poor blood circulation use Back2You garments?

All our garments, thanks to the light compression and the infrared technology F.I.R., stimulate the microcirculation and the drainage of excess fluids.

Are they suitable for those suffering from varicose veins?

These garments have no contraindications for those suffering from varicose veins in the initial stage. However, since this is a pathology, we recommend that you ask your doctor for advice.

Can they be worn under trousers?

They can be worn under other trousers but be aware that rubbing could damage the fabric.

Which model is most recommended?

The choice depends on personal taste. All the products intensive have the same benefits: they reduce the thigh, waist and hips by draining, and hydrating the skin of the body.

Can i lose weight using these items?

These products help bodyshaping by draining and moisturizing the skin. For best results we recommend using them for 8 hours a day for at least 2 months, together with a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity.

Can i always use them?

These garments are suitable for everyone, especially for those who spend a lot of time standing or sitting thanks to the micro-massage and the relaxing effect on the legs.

Are these leggings anti-cellulite?

Our leggings drein excess fluids, help to reduce the orange peel skin, tone and moisturize the body thanks to their special fabric.

Can it be used during pregnancy?

Back2You garments are recommended after childbirth for a quick recovery. The containment effect is not recommended during pregnancy.


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