“Do not take into the utmost account living as such, but living well.”



Innershape® is our deepest feeling of good.

Wellbeing s is the feeling of inner balance, a force released from within and transmitted to our body. A force that illuminates our face.

Is there anything more important than your Innershape®?

With Back2You every day you can choose your ritual and compose your Innershape®.

It is a goal to aim for by paying attention to details and to every aspect of our life.

To talk about Innershape® we rely on the elements air and earth, opposite elements that gather to make up the whole.

Earth is concreteness, stability, the need for security. Earth represents the moments we spend at home working or resting. Earth represents the moments of attention to the needs of our body. To accompany you in these moments we studied wellness rituals.

Choose your Earth rituals to take care of yourself:

Air is the ethereal element, our aspirations, lightness and awakening of senses. Air represents the most regenerating phase of well-being, the phase on which you have to work when you feel tired. Back2You garments and Air rituals are designed to accompany you and stimulate your most energetic part.

Choose your Air rituals to take care of yourself:

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