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046 Essential Collant

Collant 80 denari in filato bioattivo!
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330 Opal Tee

È il tuo trattamento quotidiano ringiovanente e rassodante, letteralmente: la tua seconda pelle.
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Regenerating and Refreshing
Do you feel your skin dry, irritated and sensitive to atmospheric changes?
Would you like to feel it fresher, hydrated and compact?

To revitalize your skin the right treatment is "Regenerating and Refreshing" by Back2You.

When you wear Back2you garments, your body feels the same sensation of freshness of a regenerating shower.
Leggings, sweaters or accessories will caress you releasing a wave of energy.
The increase in microcirculation brings heat into the deeper layers of the skin, leaving a sensation of freshness on the surface.
But there's more: wearing Back2You means to protect yourself from heat and UV-A and UV-B rays that cause sun spots, skin discoloration, wrinkles and damages to the hair. Back2you clothes create a fresh and healthy micro-environment for the body.

Our clinical studies shown a skin tone improvement in two months of constant use.

We recommend a constant use of our garments for at least two months. The results will come immediately. It will depend on you to maintain and improve them over time.


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