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825 Essential High-Rise Shorts

Un trattamento intensivo pancia-sedere-cosce… e un atto d'amore per te stessa!
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801 Essential Bra

Un leggero sostegno della parte del tuo corpo che più rappresenta la femminilità.
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Your skin is dameged and saggy and you would like to feel it smooth, supple and radiant?

If your aim is to rejuvenate and tighten your skin, try the wellness treatment is Back2You "Firming" treatment.

We usually want to tighten loose skin after a heavy weight loss, after a pregnancy or aging.
Possiamo sentirne la necessità dopo un dimagrimento che ha svuotato i tessuti dagli accumuli di grasso, dopo una gravidanza o a causa del semplice passare del tempo.
To firm up the skin requires a constant commitment over time, it requires self-care, a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity. We usually want to tighten loose skin after a heavy weight loss, after a pregnancy or aging. You can wear Back2You garments to help stimulate tissues during physical activity or during the day.

When you wear Back2You bioactive garments, the FIR rays, generated by the heat of your body, regulate the right concentration of intra and extracellular chemicals, thus activating the metabolism.

Cellular rejuvenation, empowered muscles, elimination of toxins, increased collagen production and less fatigue are the healthy consequences.

Our clinical studies shown a skin tone improvement in two months of constant use.

We recommend a constant use of our garments for at least two months. The results will come immediately. It will depend on you to maintain and improve them over time.


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