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882 Essential Mini Manchette

Il tuo irrinunciabile trattamento per le mani!
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324 Essential Perla Vest

È il tuo segreto per un trattamento quotidiano ringiovanente e rassodante. Una seconda pelle discreta ed elegante.
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001 Essential Leggings

Questo paio di leggings è un must.
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810 Comfy Culotte

Una costante sensazione di "carezza", letteralmente: una seconda pelle che avvolge con discrezione i fianchi.
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Local Sculpting
Do you feel that the time has come to have a more toned and beautiful body?
Do you want to get rid of orange peel skin from your thighs and buttocks?

To model these critical areas, choose the Back2You “Local Sculpting” treatment.

We know what cellulite looks like and its many causes.
The problem arises in the adipose panniculus, the tissue under the skin where a prolonged retention of liquids can cause cellulite.
The best solution is to reactivate cell metabolism and microcirculation.

This is exactly what Back2you clothes do: the bioactive fabrics they are made of boost microcirculation, cellular metabolism and thermoregulation.

Back2You fabrics, when in contact with your skin, trigger an increase in the microcirculation of your body with all the resulting benefits. All this without chemical or mechanical actions.
Revitalization with Back2You leggings is enough to intervene on the legs. For other areas of our body, such as abdomen, hips and thighs, where a more intense and targeted action is required, we can choose specific models dedicated to local treatment.

The secret weapon is that the more layers of fabric you wear, the more intense the treatment is, so you can use several items together, overlapping them. For example, for a targeted action on the buttocks, you can combine Back2You underwear with leggings.

Our clinical studies shown a skin tone improvement in two months of constant use.

We recommend a constant use of our garments for at least two months. The results will come immediately. It will depend on you to maintain and improve them over time.


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