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Retention and Swelling
Does your body want to feel lighter?
Have you been feeling swollen and heavy lately?

To find a new lightness and snappy legs, the right treatment is Back2You “Retention and Swelling”.

Do you want to feel nimble feet and slim hands?
Fluid retention may be caused by an excess of salt in food, by a sedentary lifestyle, or sudden changes in temperature.

When our fluids tend to stagnate and the peripheral circulation slows down, the remedy is to improve blood flow and maintain healty microvessels.

When you wear Back2You garments, the heat naturally produced by your body is transformed, by the fabric, into FIR rays that boost microcirculation and help move the excess of fluids accumulated in the tissue.

Just wear Back2You garments in every moment of the day: when resting or taking a walk to feel all the benefits.
Back2You garments help and improve your swollen hands and feet and considerably reduce the sensation of heavy legs.

Our clinical studies shown a skin tone improvement in two months of constant use.

We recommend a constant use of our garments for at least two months. The results will come immediately. It will depend on you to maintain and improve them over time.


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