F.I.R. Rays

The bioceramic fabric works like a reactive mirror: it captures the thermal radiations emitted by the body heat and retransmits them to the body. This thermal energy – the F.I.R. rays or far infrared – retransmitted to the body has multiple benefits on body cells and tissues.

Among the beneficial effects:

• improves metabolism

• reduces the appearance of cellulite (optimizing tissue hydration)

• the body’s natural thermal energy is converted into FIR rays (Far Infrared Rays – FIR) and transmitted back to the skin tissue with a pleasant thermoregulatory effect: the body temperature is kept constant

• when bioceramic fabric garments are used for the first time, a temporary warming sensation can be felt on the application area. This indicates that the FIR rays have begun to stimulate microcirculation

• thanks to the stimulation of microcirculation, there is a consequent increase in tissue oxygenation, including the dermis. Therefore the bioceramic fabric helps to improve the conditions of the skin: wrinkles, skin spots, etc.

• FIRs help restore blood flow, limiting tissue damage

• the improvement of microcirculation and oxygenation favors a decontracting effect on the muscles: eg. neck pain, muscle cramps, etc.

Use in aesthetics

The application of cosmetic products (anti-cellulite and anti-wrinkle creams) involves a cutaneous massage on the dermal area to be treated in order to promote greater absorption of the active ingredient.

The same result, if not greater, is obtained by applying the cream on the skin and covering the area with bioceramic tissue. The increase in microcirculation results in optimal absorption of the product.